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Investment consulting

Relying on a long- lasting work experience in privatization of a state share in the economic entities, in participation and organization of auctions, in purchasing of property complexes from anti-crisis managers, in working with shared property, in organization of proprietors associations and in property management, our company has pleasure to offer to your attention our investment consulting service.

With our assistance you will have opportunity to :

• Ascertain the situation on the presence of objects, that u are interested in, on the territory of the Republic of Belarus

• Ascertain the possibility of their sales or privatization

• Obtain the list of facilities or land plots meeting the conditions of your investment project

• Get support in adaptation of your investment project to the specific conditions and place which includes providing all the necessary information, analytical and legal support from reputable consulting and legal companies which are our partners

• Get support during your first visit of the concerning investment object which includes meeting of the arriving officials, hotel accommodation, organization of visits to the objects, organization of the meeting with the representatives of local authorities, negotiations with the concerned parties

• Get analysis of the practicability of the project

Due to complex approach our company is able to provide high level of services. We have partnered with some of the most competent companies and professionals in the Republic of Belarus in the following fields:

• Banking services;
• Legal services;
• Macro-economic studies;
• Assessment activities;
• Retail consulting
• Marketing;
• Recruitment;
• Inbound tourism

Cooperation with our partners helps us to solve all the tasks, posed by the client, on a high quality level.

In addition, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that in some regions of the republic, we have much more information on the objects proposed for sale or privatize than we have on our site. At your request we may send you all the information about the objects, but only if this request have a special purpose (pointing the particular region or industry that you are interested in).

Please feel free to contact us any time you need.