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The participation of foreign investor in privatization of property belonging to the Republic of Belarus.

General rules of the investment realisation are established by the Investment Legislation of Belarus, which aims at the defense of investor's rights on the Republic territory.

The Investment Legislation guarantees the right of the investor to use the results of its activities in our country.

Foreign investors are granted with additional guarantees in accordance with the bilateral agreements between Belarus and other countries. In these agreements contain basic principles of cooperation with foreign investor, which provide a liberal and open investment climate.

As a supplement, between the Republic of Belarus and the investor may be drawn up an investment agreement, which provides additional guarantees and investor preferences, which contribute to the project realisation at the Belarusian market.

By investing in the republic’s economy, the foreign investor can count on the equal approach from the state to itself and to the national investor, as well as on the unconditional defense of investments and income of the investor.

Legislation on privatisation allows foreign investor to participate in the process of selling the state enterprise at an auction and in the subsequent privatisation.

Government of Belarus adopted a resolution according to which in 2008-2010 offered for sale shares of 147 state-owned enterprises, restructured as a result of privatization of state property.